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  • October 2007

    Welcome to HDTV Twin Cities, the only website exclusively devoted to HDTV users in Minneapolis, St. Paul and surrounding areas. If you are interested in mobile phone click on this link

    If you're new to HDTV or need a quick refresher course, you'll want to visit the HDTV Basics page to learn everything you'll need to know about how HDTV works without a lot of technical jargon. This page discusses the types of HDTV signals available and the best ways to receive them. The page also discusses the different types of HDTV displays currently available.

    One of the myths about HDTV is that there isn't very much high-definiton programming available. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth! All of the major networks are now broadcasting most or all of their primetime lineups and many special events in high definition. With an appropriate antenna and receiver, this programming is available free of charge from over-the-air broadcasting. Cable and satellite channels expand the HDTV options even more. Check out the Local Channels and Cable/Satellite pages to learn about programming availability here in the Minneapolis - St. Paul area.

    The HDTV Links page features links to the vast array of HDTV resources on the web. Sports fans should visit the HDTV Sports page, where you can find up-to-date information on sports programming, including a weekly schedule of live high-definition sporting events available on broadcast television, cable and satellite.

    And most importantly, the Forum is a great place to ask questions and exchange ideas with others interested in HDTV. We have many members participating in our Forum who are truly experts in areas like over-the-air antenna reception, programming and display technologies. Ask for advice here and you're sure to get lots of help! In addition, representatives from the Minneapolis - St. Paul local stations regularly participate by giving us information related to their stations' HD broadcasts and addressing viewers' concerns. We have found that almost any question can be answered or problem solved by our Forum members!

    Marty Lee

    P.S.: We hope you'll consider making a donation to the website. All monies received will be used to provide a better resource for the Minneapolis - St. Paul HDTV community!! Just clicking the PayPal link below will allow you to make a donation. Your help is greatly appreciated!!

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